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Mindful Ink: Writing for Healing & Connection | 4-Week Online Writing Workshop

Chántelle Adanna Agbro Thursdays, September 5-26
7p-9p ET
4p-6p PT
6p-8p CT
4 class sessions

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Writing can be a powerful tool for improving Mental Health. Creative outlets for processing emotions, organizing thoughts, and gaining clarity are vital for the Black community.

In Mindful Ink: Writing for Healing & Connection, we’ll explore the direct connection between writing and mental health and expand on the benefits, focusing on the intentional art of writing and its significant influence on our mental health. We'll break down healing through writing into 4 sections: Find a Release, Find Peace, Find New Self-Discoveries, and Write Even When It Sucks. Each section will include discussion and interactive activity elements.

We'll use the text, The Black Mental Health WorkbookbyJasmine Lamitteas a guide to walk us through creating safe spaces for healing through writing. We will write in various styles and tap into other art forms to harness our vulnerability, unpack embedded emotions, and release what no longer serves us. The goal is to discover the healing qualities of writing to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and who we are becoming.

Whether through journaling, poetry, or storytelling, writing allows reckless self-expression without judgment of experiences. It’s personal and a clear window to explore the depth of who we are beyond how we're perceived. Jotting down thoughts serves as a form of therapy, self-care, self-love, and acknowledgment, providing a safe space for reflection and self-discovery. We'll do this together!

Open to beginner and intermediate writers.

About The Black Mental Health Workbook by Jasmine Lamitte:
Black mental health matters—care for yours.Mental health challenges are intertwined with the Black experience in America, but healing is possible with the right support and guidance. Take control of your narrative and work through anxiety, depression, and trauma with this workbook's tools and resources specifically designed for Black folks.

*PLEASE NOTE: The book is NOT included in your course fee; must be purchased separately, in advance, via the vendor and in the format of your choice.

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Meet Your Instructor:
Chántelle Adanna Agbro

Chántelle Adanna Agbro is a Nigerian-American self-published author, freelance writer, spoken word poet, and self-love/wellness enthusiast, currently based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Maryland, she received her BBA from Temple university in 2018 with a minor in Spanish. Her work centers around mental and emotional wellness through writing and is seen in Essence, Shondaland, iHeartmedia, etc. Her memoir My Soul Told On Me is a coming of age piece that won Book of the Year Award from the African American Genealogy Society in 2020.

Course Takeaways

  • Identify what kind of thinker you are
  • Identify what kind of writer you are
  • Discover how your mental health influences your life/writing
  • Uncover therapeutic benefits of writing
  • Form a mental/emotional health go-to tool kit
  • Identify your relationship with vulnerability

Course Expectations

  • Participants will read the text: The Black Mental Health Workbook

Course Skeleton

  • Week 1- Writing is Thinking: Find a Release: This section will be focused on identifying our mental models and how they influence our daily thought processes. We will define what a release looks like, what writing feels like, and then put pen to paper
  • Week 2 - Writing is Soothing: Find Peace: This section will focus on the benefits of writing. We’ll define peace and then draw connections between the release of writing. We'll examine the signals of the mind and body following less structured writing exercises
  • Week 3 - Writing is Enlightening: Find New Self-Discoveries: This week we'll dive deeper into how we identify our selves, think about ourselves, and how those thoughts influence our actions or lack thereof
  • Week 4 - Writing is Therapy: Write Even When It Sucks: Here, we'll use the tools from weeks 1-3 and discuss how and/or when feelings of depression and anxiety may arise as it pertains to writing and how it can begin to heal wounds in the moment


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