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Writing a Children's Book You Can Publish: Basics for Black women writers | 4-Week Writing Workshop

Tiffany Obeng Mondays, September 30-October 21
7:30pm-9pm ET
4:30pm-6pm PT
6:30pm-8pm CT
4 class sessions

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Writing a Children's Book You Can Publishis a transformational workshop designed to empower Black women to write engaging and impactful children's books. This workshop provides a nurturing environment where participants can explore their creativity, share their unique voices, and develop compelling stories that resonate with young readers.

Over four weeks, we will delve into the heart of children's literature, focusing on the essential elements of writing for young audiences.

Our guided journey begins with understanding the significance of children's books and how they shape young minds. We will explore the importance of representation and how diverse characters enrich the reading experience for children from all backgrounds. Drawing from personal experiences, cultural heritage, and your imagination, you'll brainstorm and develop ideas that lay the foundation for a captivating story.

You'll learn how to create characters that are relatable, vibrant, and reflective of the diversity in our world. We'll explore the key elements of plot structure, story arcs, and pacing, ensuring your narrative flows smoothly and keeps young readers engaged. We will also discuss the vital role of illustrations in children's books, exploring different types of illustrations and how they complement the story.

This workshop will equip you with practical tools and resources to confidently take the next steps toward writing and publishing your book. Join us on this empowering journey to create meaningful and impactful children's literature that celebrates diversity and enriches the lives of young readers.

Open to beginner and intermediate writers.

All class meetings will be held via Zoom. The link to join your Zoom classroom will be provided on the morning of your class. Please check spam folders if you do not receive an email confirmation upon registration. For more information on how to download or use Zoom, please click here.

 Meet Your Instructor:
Tiffany Obeng

Tiffany Obeng is the founder of Sugar Cookie Books publishing imprint established in 2020. With a collection of 20+ diverse picture books covering a variety of themes, she offers a powerful, all-encompassing solution for organizations, educators, libraries, and families seeking to inspire, educate and normalize children of underrepresented backgrounds. Her books have been featured on CBS 11 2021 literacy campaign, as part of Literacy Now's 2024 Houston Reads Day 2024, Houston Family Magazine, Book Riot, Yahoo!, and other book lists, publications, and podcasts. As a Black female award-winning author, mother, 15+ year EO (Equal Opportunity) professional and attorney, Tiffany is the voice at the intersection of diversity, kid lit, and social impact.

Course Takeaways

  • Develop an understanding of age-appropriate language and themes
  • Learn to create diverse and well-rounded characters
  • Understand plot structure and pacing for children's books
  • Explore the importance of illustrations
  • Gain insights into the publishing process and marketing strategies

Course Expectations

  • Attendees will receive practical exercises, prompts, and insights to develop their unique storytelling voice
  • Weekly homework assignments, interactive writing exercises, Q&A, and open discussions

Course Skeleton

  • Week 1: Introduction to Children's Literature & Developing Concepts - We'll review children's literature and the importance of children's books. We will define target age groups, and use personal experiences and cultural heritage to generate a concept for your children's book
  • Week 2: Crafting Characters and Plot Development - We'll discuss the importance of representation in children's literature and review tips for character development. We will review plot structure and the key elements of a well-structured plot. Participants will engage in interactive writing exercises aimed at developing well-rounded diverse characters and constructing a plot
  • Week 3: Language, Themes, and Illustrations - We'll review age appropriate language and themes that resonate with young readers. We will also discuss the importance of illustrations and the types of illustrations. Participants will engage in a related interactive writing exercise
  • Week 4: Revising, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book - We'll review what to do after the manuscript has been drafted, including revision, editing and other tips. We will explore the self-publishing process and building an author platform. 


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