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Vision Boarding for Black women writers | 4-Week Online Writing Workshop

Shari Walker Saturdays, January 20 - February 10
11am-1pm ET
8am-10am PT
10am-12pm CT
4 class sessions

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Embrace the serene magic of winter and embark on a transformative journey. Winter's canvas: Vision Boarding for Black women writers is not just about creating a vision board, but about fostering a journey of creative self-discovery, skill development, and community building. We’ll map out your ambitions and script your aspirations, translating abstract dreams into tangible milestones.

This workshop is designed for Black women writers at all levels, providing a nurturing space to visualize, strategize, and bring forth the brilliance in your literary work.

As your workshop leader, Shari promises to be your coach, your editor-in-chief, as you draft the life you’ve always yearned to lead. So, grab a cup of your favorite tea, pull up a chair, and join her. Together, you’ll turn blank pages into chapters of your future masterpiece, and blank boards into a collage of your forthcoming triumphs.

Weekly writing winter themes are integrated, each building on the last, and the final winter vision board project ties back to all the skills and insights gained throughout the workshop. This will be a rewarding and enriching experience for all who join. 

Let’s craft not just vision boards, but visions brought to life. The story of your future is waiting to be written!

Course Highlights:

  • Versatile Vision Board Crafting: Engage in the innovative process of creating both digital vision boards and physical mood boards. Whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer a hands-on approach, this workshop accommodates all preferences, ensuring that your vision board truly resonates with your creative spirit
  • Seasonal Inspiration: Learn to draw from the quiet power and captivating beauty of winter, transforming it into a wellspring of inspiration for your writing. Craft stories and narratives that echo the depth and tranquility of this contemplative season
  • Strategic Goal Setting: Move beyond visualization to strategize and set achievable writing goals. Utilize your vision board as a roadmap, guiding you confidently through the winter months and propelling you toward literary success
  • Community and Connection: Thrive in a supportive community of writers, sharing inspirations, challenges, and triumphs. Engage in enriching group activities and discussions, creating a foundation for collaborative growth and mutual encouragement
  • Coaching Feedback: Benefit from personalized feedback and guidance throughout your journey from an instructor dedicated to helping you optimize your vision board and refine your writing strategies, ensuring that your creative light shines brightly
  • Creative Renewal: Use the winter season as a pivotal time for reflection and creative rejuvenation. Assess your strengths, set new aspirations, and prepare to embark on a new year filled with writing brilliance.

All class meetings will be held via Zoom. The link to join your Zoom classroom will be provided on the morning of your class. Please check spam folders if you do not receive an email confirmation upon registration. For more information on how to download or use Zoom, please click here.

Meet Your Instructor:
Shari Walker

Hello, Writing visionaries! I’m Shari Walker, a tapestry weaver of words and a gardener planting seeds of potential in the fertile soil of imagination. But perhaps, you might know me better as a writer, a coach, and a seasoned navigator of life’s myriad paths. My odyssey has taken me from the humble beginnings as a foster-care child to the vibrant stages of advocacy and empowerment, where I’ve learned the art of painting possibilities onto the canvas of life. I’ve found my voice in the rhythm of spoken word poetry, the narrative arcs of plays that have earned me accolades, and the stories that have found their way onto platforms like PBS SoCal and 89.3 KPCC.

Not just a writer, I am a chronicler of change, an award-winning playwright whose works have resonated with audiences and critics alike. Every piece I’ve penned, every story I’ve shared, has been a step toward redefining what it means to thrive against the odds. With a Master's in Social Work from the University of Southern California, I’ve fused the power of storytelling with the transformative potential of social innovation. This blend of narrative mastery and strategic thinking informs my approach to vision boards. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s about scripting a holistic narrative for your life where every aspiration finds its scene and every dream gets its dialogue. My publishing credits are as diverse as my experiences. From educational insights shared in Education Week to thought-provoking feature short insights in the Santa Monica Daily Press (SMDP), my written word is a testament to my journey and an invitation to readers to embark on their own. 

Course Takeaways

  • Mastery in creating both digital vision boards and physical mood boards tailored for writers
  • A deeper connection and understanding of how the winter season can fuel creative writing
  • Clear and actionable writing goals for the winter months and beyond
  • A sense of community and support from engaging with a network of fellow writers
  • Personalized feedback and strategies to optimize your digital winter vision board and writing practices
  • Holistic tools for reflection and creative rejuvenation to propel your writing journey forward

Course Expectations

  • Fully engage in both the vision board creation and the writing exercises, contributing to discussions and activities with enthusiasm
  • Be prepared to embark on various writing journeys, from journaling to storytelling, as a way to explore your inner world and express your unique voice
  • Embrace the winter season’s unique energy as creative fuel, and let it influence your vision board and writing in transformative ways
  • Enrich our collective journey by sharing your perspectives, experiences, and stories, fostering a supportive network of fellow writers
  • Make sure to complete any pre-work materials or exercises provided after each session (don’t worry, super fun, inspiring, empowering, and easy), laying a strong foundation for our shared experience
  • Approach our creative writing exercises and holistic tools with curiosity and courage, allowing yourself to fully explore and express your thoughts and feelings before
  • Come prepared to focus on the power of 'now'—capturing the essence of today's intentions and laying out your aspirations for the week ahead

Course Skeleton

  • Week One: The Foundation of Aspiration
  • Week Two: Aligning Strengths with Visions
  • Week Three: Strategizing with Heart transitions from the inspirational mood boards to creating a plan of action with G.R.O.W.T.H goals that are Genuine, Realistic, Optimistic, Well-rounded, Timely, and Heartfelt
  • Week Four: Your Vision in Focus 


We offer full refunds for cancellation with written notice up until 7 days before your class start date. From 6 days to more than 24 hours before class begins, we offer a 25% refund. If you drop a class less than 24 hours before the class begins or after it has started, you are ineligible for a refund.