Black Creatives Breaking into TV: How to Craft an Outline for your TV Pilot | 5-Week Online Writing Workshop

Cass Alcide Saturdays, April 29-May 27
12pm-3pm ET
9am-12pm PT
11am-2pm CT
5 class sessions

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The Black Creatives Breaking into TV: How to Craft an Outline for your TV Pilot workshop simulates a real TV writer's room!  Each week we'll study and discuss structure and writing tools to expand your idea into an outline—creating the foundation for a pilot script and full series.

The outline is a writer's guiding light as they take their idea and expand it into a fully-fledged script. It's also the part of writing that every creative thinks they can skip because they have every single scene stored in their head—but in reality, an outline is more than just paragraphs explaining what's going to happen in your script. It's a tool that tests your character's drive, structure, central theme, dynamic twists, and the core why of your story.

The outline is your story's compass, and without it, you're lost!

Writers will be assigned corresponding assignments to apply to your outline and receive weekly instructor notes and peer feedback, providing an honest evaluation of your material in a supportive, dynamic environment.

Open to beginner or intermediate writers interested in learning the foundation of TV writing. Writers with an idea or interested in turning their existing material (books, articles, etc.) into a TV pilot are encouraged to join.

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 Meet Your Instructor: Cass Alcide

Cass is a comedy and drama writer who has been staffed on Generation (HBO Max) and worked in development rooms for pre-greenlit series including, The Answers (FX), The Vanishing Half (HBO), and Swipe (HULU), a startup drama about the rise of dating app, Bumble. Having spent her whole life struggling to figure herself out, Cass writes stories that center and celebrate complicated women of color who are on a journey of healing and take questionable routes to get there - ultimately making things worse before they learn how to be better. She is currently developing her own startup drama about her time working at The Wing, a now-defunct women's only co-working space.

Course Takeaways

  • Writers can expect in-class exercises, script reading assignments, discussions, and peer feedback as we study story structure, effective dialogue, character development, relationship arcs, stakes (and how to effectively build them), dilemma, and themes

Course Expectations

  • Writers will be required to submit work for feedback
  • Writers will also be required and provide verbal and written feedback to peers

Course Skeleton

  • Week One: The Fundamentals - Creating Structure and Set up
  • Week Two: The Art of the Outline
  • Week Three: Character Study - Dialogue, Relationships, and Scenes
  • Week Four: Developing Your Series and World
  • Week Five: Rewrites + Polish - Progressing from Outline to Script 


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