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Why Should I Keep Writing? | 1-Day Online Writing Seminar

Tracy Cross Sunday, Jan. 23
10a-12p ET
7a-9a PT
9a-11a CT
1 class session

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"Every blocked writer [thinks he or she will never write again]. That’s what makes writer’s block so painful. You think the well has run dry, maybe somewhere in the heavens the tap has been turned off. That’s beyond frightening. That has nothing to do with deadlines, contracts signed, or advance money spent, that has to do with the fear of losing your joy, your love. I was heartbroken...Then I was able to finish the book!" Taiye Selasi

Why Should I Keep Writing? is a one-day shot of encouragement and inspiration for the published writer who suffers from writer's block. Is that you?

Explore positive ways to push yourself forward to keep writing, in a supportive community of writers who share your experience. We'll discuss techniques to re-energize your writing practice, show your work, deal with writer's block, and tips to help you write your own version of "The Great American Novel."

This class will expand on positivity and psychological issues as well as give positive advice.

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Meet Your Instructor:
Tracy Cross

Tracy Cross' forthcoming novel, Rootwork will be published by Omnium Gatherum Media in 2022. She writes psychological horror fiction. Her works have appeared in Don't Break the Oath by Kandisha Press and the forthcoming Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology by Houghton Mifflin Media. She hails from Cleveland, Ohio and makes a mean apple pie.

Course Takeaways

  • Understanding and dealing with writer’s block
  • The importance of sharing your work with others
  • Ways to find ideas and inspirations to keep writing
  • Setting routines to keep yourself inspired and writing

Course Expectations

  • The secret is to be open minded. If you are open minded to learn about effective coping mechanisms and writing, this is for you!