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No Walls: Writing Beyond What You Know | 1-Day Online Fiction Seminar

Ashley Mobley Saturday, March 19
1p-4p ET
10a-1p PT
12p-3p CT
1 class session

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Inspired by the timeless words of Octavia Butler, this beginner course is a deep dive beyond the often comfortable place of writing from experience to instead pushing the scope of imagination and potential.

Writer's block isn't easy to overcome, and there can be a variety of good, legitimate reasons for it. But sometimes, it's simply a matter of feeling boxed in by our own habits and landing in a rut.

No Walls: Writing Beyond What You Know is an exploration into strengthening character development and telling the story that seems impossible to get to, whether it's taking a chance on tragedy as catharsis, giving life to flat villains, or crafting a complex, layered (and sometimes, unlikeable) protagonist.

The course will reference a number of works, both classic and contemporary fiction as well as other mediums (films and television) to serve as examples of boundary pushing, with a discussion on whether or not they were successful, and deep-diving into what 'taking a chance' in your art really means, beyond the words.

No Walls: Writing Beyond What You Know is a haven for novice writers, the newbies who might be voracious readers or even casual glancers. No Wallsis not a magic fix but will serve as a starting point into becoming the architecture of your art.

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Meet Your Instructor:
Ashley Mobley

Ashley Mobley is an emerging writer and experienced blogger, combining her passion for pop culture and expansive nerd knowledge into creative storytelling. She is a graduate of West Virginia University with a bachelors in Public Relations and a masters in Integrated Marketing Communications, and resides in Maryland. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @ashmobbed.

Course Takeaways

  • Writing is a process that requires building and crafting, and the growth is ongoing
  • Like any skill, you have to actually work at it in order to improve
  • Feeling stuck is natural, but workable. The odds are, what is holding you back is the fear of the unknown
  • Stepping out of the familiar, trusting your voice, and taking a chance with your art. Whether it’s writing an ambiguous antagonist, an unlikable protagonist, or diving into an unfamiliar genre or setting, pushing yourself to try something new can result in an unexpected journey for your characters and story

Course Expectations

  • There won't be any pre-work; any writing will be done in class. Come to the course with an open mind, and a willingness to be patient with the process of learning