PRE-ORDER: midnight & indigo: Eighteen Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers (Issue 9)


From a mysterious swamp to a haunted highway, new wishes granted to past lives revisited, 18 Black women storytellers share tales in which secrets are exposed, mysteries unravel, and the human spirit shines in unexpected, often supernatural ways.

midnight & indigo celebrates 18 Black women writers with the third Speculative fiction special issue of our literary journal.

Contributors include:
Fatima Abdullahi | Camilla Andrew | Azure Arther |
Megan Baffoe | A.A. Blair | Kayla Cayasso | Jasmine Griffin | Elnora Gunter | Ashley J. Hobbs | Jennifer E. Jones |
Toni Jones | RJ Joseph | Hou Rhyder | Lorraine Rice | Nortina Simmons | Karla Tiffany | Oubria Tronshaw | Desiree Winns

ISBN: 978-1-7379332-6-7
Pages: 285
Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.69 x 8.5 inches


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Three Black teenagers take a road trip on a haunted highway. When her jar of wishes runs low, a woman chooses to become a unicorn. What could be better than being a unicorn? In the backwoods of 1960s Florida, a white-passing woman meets with a root worker to stop her truth from being uncovered. Babies all over the world are being born with mysterious wings. Two sisters wait to see which their babies will be graced with. A young girl finds refuge in her imagination. In a homogenous town that welcomes others at night but expects them gone by day, a restaurant owner encounters an unwelcome customer at closing time. "She been touch," her gran would always say. But a girl never knew what that truly meant until the shadows came for her.  A vampire prince chooses a witch as his new bride. A widow with an empty nest reflects on her solitude. Everyone wants that ride-or-die friend, the one you'd call if you needed to hide a body. What happens when one actually gets the call?

...and more stories.